Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Christmas Orange

Lucas loves oranges. Loves. Them. Today he took a 3 lb. bag to Brighter Futures to work on an Occupational Therapy goal of peeling his own oranges. (He carried that bag proudly, it was pretty cute:) Anyway, after his session, here he comes carrying his bag of oranges.  Carrying it high, like it's a prize. So I asked him if he wanted to give everyone an orange. Without hesitation, he gave everyone in the waiting room one of his precious oranges with a sweet smile on his face. 
I think it made everyone's day. Such a simple gesture for most. A miraculous, joyful gesture from my adult son with Autism. Thank you Lord, for this manna that falls from Heaven, in the form of these unexpected moments. My heart is full. 

Today, to give an orange 
at Christmastime is a gesture  
of selfless love. 
Sharing what we truly  
value is the true spirit  
of Christmas. 

May we, like Lucas, 
find ways to share the simple 
Joys of Christmas with others. 
It can be as simple as giving an orange❤️

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